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Physical Education

Our Intent for Physical Education

At SS Peter and Paul Primary school we believe all our children have the right to experience a diverse and exciting range of physical activities and sports throughout their school week. We understand the importance of exercise upon our children and the benefits which come from well planned and organised daily physical activities which can be accessed by all children regardless of their language or ability. We truly feel sports and physical activity can enrich and improve all our children’s lives and we aim to support and educate the children so they can make healthy lifestyle choices for themselves in their future.

To further demonstrate our commitment to providing an increased range of physical activities we have trained sports leaders who take turns throughout the week to set up and lead different sports activities in the KS2 and KS1 playground on a daily basis. These activities follow in-line with the recent government research around the PE pillars of progression. The range of activities allow for the first two pillars: motor competence and rules, strategies and tactics to be explored, allowing the children to experience a wider range of games and sports over the week gaining new skills and an understanding of new rules and activities available. The final pillar: healthy participation, is seen by the children supporting each other to manage their games and activities in a fair manner and to reach reasonable solutions at times of conflict, thus improving their skills to become better at ‘sportsmanship’.

We use the PE schemes of work devised by Merton. These detailed plans for all aspects of the PE curriculum ensure skills are built from the ground up and have a clear progression year on year. The scheme assesses the children on different aspects of their sporting skills, not just on their physical ability, thus allowing us to teach children there is more to being a sports person than just skill and being physically the best. This allows the opportunity to celebrate children for other skills such as fair play, team play, leadership, decision making and creativity skills.