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Artificial Intelligence (AI) - What you need to know

Parents and carers of SS Peter & Paul, let's dive into the world of advanced technology like ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence solutions. These programs are on the rise and are designed to make our lives easier, handling everyday tasks with a touch of futuristic flair. This cutting-edge machine-learning technology holds endless possibilities, and it's not just a part of our present but will shape our future and that of our children for generations to come.

The opportunities that come with these AI solutions are enormous, and it's crucial for us, as trusted adults, to grasp how they function, what purposes they can serve, and the potential risks they might pose. AI is making a big impact, and tech companies have been using it for quite some time. Its integration into our daily lives was bound to happen. But, here's the thing—where do these AI solutions get their information? Can we rely on them? And is it wise for us to fully embrace them?

For an in-depth exploration of the risks associated with AI solutions, check out the guide below from The National College. It not only highlights potential pitfalls but also provides strategies to help young people navigate technology wisely, from developing critical thinking skills to being mindful of any biases.