School Policies

At SS Peter and Paul the school policies underpin our Mission Statement and enable all school members to know and understand how we operate.

Statutory School Policies

Accessibility Plan - to be reviewed by the Pastoral Committee 19/06/19

Behaviour Policy - currently (Spring 2019) being updated and renewed

Charging and Remissions Policy - to be reviewed by the Resources Committee 08/05/19

Collection of Children from School Policy

Complaints Procedure and Policy

Data Protection Policy

Equality Information and Objectives - to be reviewed by the Pastoral Committee 19/06/19

Relationship and Sex Education Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Privacy Notice for Pupils

Privacy Notice for Parents and Guardians

Non-Statutory School Policies and Practices

Homework Practices

Marking and Feedback Policy

Challenging Homophobic Behaviour - practical advice

More Able Pupil Policy

If parents require paper copies of policies, please request these from the school office.