2018 -2019 Our Staff


David Hennessey

Assistant Headteachers

Standards and Inclusion

Penny Bermingham

Standards and Curriculum

From September 2019

Designated Safeguarding Leaders (DSLs)

Headteacher, DSL

David Hennessey

Family Support Worker, DSL

Seraphine Mitchell

Assistant Headteacher, DSL

Penny Bermingham

School Business Manager, DSL Administrator

Finoula Quinn

Middle Leaders

English Leader

Angela Buckle

Maths Leader - also Specialist Maths Teacher

Serena Grear

RE Leader

Lea Black

EYFS Leader

Caroline MacKenzie


Penny Bermingham

Science Leader

Aisling O'Brien

Phase Leader Y4-6; Achievement for All Leader

Amy Springett

Phase Leader Y1-3

Claire Rough

Early Years

Anne Brownutt

Caroline MacKenzie

Lucinda England

Juliet Barter

Year 1

Ida Mako-Nagy (Art Leader)

Serena Grear

Sally Jones

Year 2

Aaron Johnson (Computing Leader)

Bernadette Anandarajah (Student Council Leader)

Year 3

Franco Genuardi (PE Leader)

Claire Rough

Year 4

Lea Black

Hajera Abdul (Humanities Leader)

Year 5

Amy Springett

Angela Buckle

Year 6

Aisling O'Brien

Zoe McNulty

Specialist and Support Teachers

Music Teacher

Sarah Nassim

Support Teacher

Emma Costigan

Merton School Sports Partnership Coaches

Ben Ampadu and Carlos Ortega

Supporting Families

Family Support Worker

Seraphine Mitchell

Breakfast Club Assistant

Kelly Fitzpatrick

Teaching and Learning Support Assistants

Support Staff

Amanda Guiheen (Nursery Nurse), Maria Sanchez, Mandy Allardyce (Nursery Nurse), Angela Reid, Leanne Kennett, Susana Gonzales, Sue Gibbons, Charlotte Rough

Agnes Obtulowicz, Lisa Cooper, Janet Eldridge, Beryl Headley, Marlene Platel, Fiona McGuiness, Pat Hartburn, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Felix Timlin

Teaching and Learning Support Assistants and ELSAs

Antoinette Madden, Colette Cubitt

Administration and Premises

School Business Manager

Finoula Quinn

Personal Assistant to the Headteacher

Carly Mehmet

Administrative Assistant and Principle First Aider

Penny Heasman

Administrative Assistant

Charlotte Rough

Site Manager

Daniel Garvey