Our Mission Statement

Context, Mission and Vision

SS Peter and Paul is a Catholic Primary school. This means that we embrace the teachings of the Catholic Church and operate within the expectations of the Catholic community. All of our interactions, whether with children, parents, staff, governors and others visiting or associated with the school, are formed from Gospel values and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our behaviour policy and practices are also based upon these teachings, which ensure that our children learn and grow into the faith.

 Our Context

SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School serves the parish of SS Peter and Paul and other surrounding parishes and chaplaincies.  The school works with local families that are a broad mix of nationalities, languages, cultures and faiths. As a Catholic school, we serve Catholic families, those from other Christian denominations and those of other faiths. This enables the school to foster an ethos of understanding, mutual respect, forgiveness, tolerance and welcome for all. We are part of the London Borough of Merton and the Diocese of Southwark.  SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School works in partnership with the Merton Catholic deanery schools and the Mitcham Town Co-operative Trust.

 The Core of our Mission Statement is

“Learning together, achieving together in Christ” 

This reflects the ambition and vision we have for enabling all of our children to achieve their best through collaboration, teamwork and mutual support within the Catholic context. As such we are a worshipping community, valuing prayer and praise, and enjoying close links with the parish of SS Peter and Paul in particular. Through our mission we develop appropriate values and morals, in conjunction with the families of our school, in order to live life to the full in Britain today. We raise funds for local, national and global charities as part of our school’s ethos, regularly teaching children about world events and the part they can play in bringing about positive change to their world. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop strong and active citizens of both the present and the future. By the time children have completed their personal journey through the school they will possess the skills of communication, problem solving, creativity and innovation within a sense of teamwork. 

Here at SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School, our vision is that all children will develop both positive and high aspirations for the future as we aim to grow their confidence, resilience and self-belief through challenge in their learning, gaining valuable life experiences, learning from mistakes and adopting a “growth” mindset.

Our vision is for all children to be proficient in learning, developing strengths in the basic skills of English and mathematics, gaining an understanding of the scientific and technological aspects of the world, how society has come to affect their current lives, and how a growing appreciation of the arts forms part of the human spirit. This vision is supported by the development of the health and well-being of each child as an individual. All of these aims are underpinned by our vision to enable the children to grow in their sense of Christian spirituality and appreciation of each other, the people around them, the natural environment and their developing sense of purpose in these early stages of their life journeys.