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The school has a committed, proactive and focused governing body, led by the Chair of Governors, Mrs Helen Arnold. The chair can be contacted through the school office.

Please click on the attachment to find out more about the school's governors and their roles:

Governor Information 2019 2020

Committee Structure 2019 2020

Committee Membership 2019 2020


Category of Governor

Appointing Body

Date of Appointment

Date Term of Office ends

Attendance over 2018/2019


Specific Roles

Helen Arnold Foundation Governor Archdiocese of Southwark Reappointed 28/01/2017 27/01/2021 100% Pastoral  Standards Resources Personnel Headteacher Appraisal Chair of Governors Link Governor for RE and Link Governor for Safeguarding
Nicholas Hurst Foundation Governor Archdiocese of Southwark Reappointed 02/12/2018 01/12/2022 86% Resources Standards  Vice Chair of Governors Chair of Resources Committee Link Governor for English
Karina Mentore Foundation Governor Archdiocese of Southwark Awaiting reappointment from 10/03/2019   88% Pastoral  Standards Admissions Personnel Chair of Pastoral Committee Link Governor for Inclusion and SEND
Richard Price LA Governor London Borough of Merton 11/09/2019 10/09/2019 94% Standards Personnel Resources Headteacher Appraisal Chair of Standards Committee Chair of Personnel Committee Link Governor for Maths
Hazel Woods Foundation Governor Archdiocese of Southwark Reappointed 31/08/2018 30/08/2022  83% Standards Resources Personnel Admissions Link Governor for Early Years and Foundation Stage
Tony Scott Foundation Governor Archdiocese of Southwark Awaiting reappointment from 01/09/2019   91% Resources Admissions Link Governor for Health & Safety
Matey Siameh Parent Governor Elected by parents 15/03/2017 14/03/2021 86% Resources Standards Link Governor for More Able Pupils
Colette Cubitt Staff Governor Elected by staff 29/03/2018 28/03/2022 78% Pastoral Link Governor for Wellbeing
Nichols Stopps Associate Governor N/A 01/09/2019 31/08/2021 N/A Standards Resources Assistant Headteacher
Penny Bermingham Associate Governor  N/A 01/09/2018  31/08/2020  88% Standards  Pastoral    Assistant Headteacher
David Hennessey Ex Officio N/A 01/09/2018 N/A 100% All Committees Headteacher


Governance Structure

Full Governing Body                                                                                                                     Strategic Direction and Committee Responsibilies

The following must be approved by the FGB, however, may be scrutinised at committee level: Staffing Structure; CP & Safeguarding Policies and Procedures;SEN Information Report; Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy; Teachers Pay; Instrument of Governance; Staff discipline, conduct and grievance (procedures for addressing).

Standards Committee Pastoral Committee Resources Committee Personnel Committee

Progress and Attainment (inc RE)             

Quality of Teaching                 


Closing the Gaps             

Pupil Premium and SEN

Catholic Life of the School

Behaviour and Safety         

Care and Wellbeing of Pupils


Engagement of Parents


Financial Management            



Health and Safety

Business Management



Care and Wellbeing of staff               


Performance Management

Pay and Conditions

Staff Discipline, Conduct and Grievance

Recruitment Procedure

Admissions Committee Headteacher Appraisal Committee
Link Governor Roles; Reporting to appropriate committees
Religious Education Maths English EYFS

More Able


H & S