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Our Curriculum 

“The mission of schools is to develop a sense of truth, of what is good and beautiful. And this occurs through a rich path made up of many ingredients. This is why there are so many subjects — because development is the results of different elements that act together and stimulate intelligence, knowledge, the emotions, the body, and so on.” (Pope Francis).  

At SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School, we believe we offer the children a rich and varied creative curriculum which encompasses the requirements of the National Curriculum as well as other rich opportunities in order to allow for our children to become worldly citizens. 

As a school we are committed to being at the forefront of educational innovation whilst keeping children’s well-being at our heart, thus providing a curriculum that prepares our pupils to be lifelong independent learners in the 21st Century. 

At SS Peter and Paul Religious Education is at the heart of the core curriculum. Our creative curriculum includes the National Curriculum core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Computing and the foundation subjects of Technology, Art, Geography, History, Music and Physical Education (PE).  

Children’s progress is regularly assessed through various assessment strategies. These assessments provide accurate, accessible information regarding children’s knowledge, understanding and skills and are part of the tools that teachers use in building their professional knowledge of each child, in order to identify what is needed to further each child’s knowledge and skills base.  The aim is that all children reach at least the expected standard for each year, if not beyond. 

In addition to the prescribed subjects we offer our children essential Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE), Relationships and Sex Education, Dance and Drama, and French.  Our philosophy of preparing our children to be global citizens who uphold British and world values has led to a highlighting of national and international issues too. 

Through careful planning in the medium and short term we make sure there is progression, appropriateness of level, breadth, balance and consistency across the statutory curriculum at SS Peter and Paul. We believe that children should learn to take risks in a secure, caring, positive and stimulating environment. Our teachers provide well-ordered surroundings and ensure that expectations of behaviour and work are high and clearly understood by the children. Here at SS Peter and Paul children are encouraged to be reflective and resourceful, take responsibility for their own learning and show reciprocity. 

We believe that children learn best when they are… 

“Learning Together, Achieving Together in Christ”

  Whole School Curriculum overview 2018-2019

This document is updated on a termly basis, in order to cater for different opportunities that might arise. 


Relationships and Sex Education

The school has followed the guidance as outlined by the Southwark Diocese Education Commission and the Catholic Education Service of England and Wales in its review of the policy.  We also undertook a consultation with parents during the summer term of 2017.  Please refer to the Education Commission's website to access latest guidance and policies.

There are many policies contained on the site, including the diocesan guidance on British Values and Challenging Homophobic Behaviour.

Please use this link to see the school's policy on Relationships and Sex Education.