At SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School we are extremely proud of our computing provision. We aim to prepare our children for the future, providing a broad and exciting computing curriculum, which will challenge and stimulate creative thinking. The children learn computing skills through:

  • Digital Literacy
  • Information Technology 
  • Computer Science

Computing begins in the Early Years, where children are exposed to small tasks using technology, such as learning how to take photographs and editing them, to putting together simple presentations. They also explore technology through role play and independent learning, experimenting to understand the world around them.

The Key Stage One programme of study leads children into developing an understanding for the language of programming and challenges the children to code and also debug. They learn to test their ideas out and then edit and revise them. At SS Peter and Paul we introduce the children to Scratch and also use the BeeBots for programming and coding.

The lower Key Stage 2 children continue their understanding and use of programming language by making animations and games. They also use videoing equipment to learn about filming and editing techniques. At this age we introduce the children to HTML codes and they start to explore the world of “behind the scenes” of web pages.

Our oldest children are exposed to more advanced programming language as they start to research and create their own apps. They continue to explore Scratch and the possibilities of coding, making their own apps for others to use and publishing these for a given audience. The children also learn how to use coding to create digital media.

Each computing topic includes aspects of e-safety. This means that children are regularly made aware of any e-safety issues surrounding the technology they may use every day. This includes learning about how to use search engines, the use of images on the web, finding inappropriate content and how to report this, creating secure passwords and communication on the web.

We are preparing our children for jobs that may not exist yet, using technology that may not have been invented yet, so we believe it is important that children learn to solve problems, use computational thinking, be exposed to programming language and to remain safe on the internet at all times.