Nursery Places Available

Homeschool Agreement


At SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School we regard the partnership between home and school as a vital element to the quality of education we provide.

We all do the very best for the children and help them achieve their full learning potential.

The schools responsibilities :

  • To provide your child with a high quality education based upon the values stated in our Mission Statement.

  • To nurture each child’s spiritual life alongside and as an enrichment to, the whole curriculum.

  • To ensure that all pupils have access to a broad-balanced curriculum, which fulfills all national requirements appropriate to their ages and stages.

  • To formulate and regularly review appropriate policies and practices to support the delivery of quality in a harmonious community.

  • To help each child develop self-esteem, confidence, independence and a sense of responsibility.

  • To keep your child safe in a caring and well-ordered environment.

  • To keep individual pupil records which celebrate achievement, evidence progress, set targets, support any special educational needs and check attendance.

  • To maintain regular channels of communication so that your child and family, pupils, parents, staff and governors can consult and work together.

Parents’ responsibilities :

  • To fully support the school in delivering the values stated in our Mission Statement and to ensure that the values are reflected at home when helping with homework and reading.

  • To nurture your child in their spiritual development and the practice of faith.

  • To give priority to attending parents’ evenings and meetings in order to support

    your child’s education.

  • To actively support all safety and security procedures (notably not parking on the zig-zag lines at the school entrance).

  • To ensure your child attends school regularly and punctually in full school uniform, fit and ready to learn. This is best done by allowing ample time to bring and collect children.

  • To contact the school by telephone or a reliable messenger on a child’s first day of absence and to confirm the reason by a written note upon your child’s return to school.

  • To avoid arranging family holidays during term time unless completely unavoidable.

  • To uphold school rules, school policies and practices, as appropriate to your parental role.

  • To help your child take pride in his/her school uniform and wear it every day.

  • To read all school newsletters, reports and letters with care and to join in

    consultation, celebrations and community activities wherever possible.

  • To keep the home/school reading record and to help your child with any work he/she may bring home.

  • To provide the school with the correct home address, telephone number and emergency contact numbers and to update these promptly in the event of change.

  • Sign up to ParentPay and ParentMail as soon as possible after your child has started at school.

Pupils’ Responsibilities

  • As appropriate to your child’s age and stages of development, to respect the values stated in our Mission Statement and learn to behave accordingly to protect the safety of others.

  • To take pride in being a caring member of the school family.

  • To try hard and always do your best.

  • To wear your school uniform provided by your parents.

  • To become expert listeners and careful followers of instructions.

  • To ensure your child takes care of their own property, the property of others and the school environment.

    A copy of this contract is to be signed upon acceptance of the offer of a place at the school for your child.