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Meet our Student Learning Council

Meet our new student council leaders!

Practising the British value of democracy, each class has voted for who they would like to elect as their student council members. This year at SSPP school, we want to hear pupils' ideas and changes they would like to implement. As charity is extremely important to us at SSPP, in our first meeting we discussed what charities we would like to support and what different fundraising ideas we could partake in order to raise this money. The members came up with some fantastic fundraising ideas and many different charities. For their first task, the children are going to research what charity they would like to focus on and who that charity helps. We will meet after half term to choose our final charities as a student council body. 




St Martha                                St Mathew

Eli-Anne Ansong                      Paloma Maria

Jayden Boahene                      Christopher Nolan


Year 1:

St Brigid                                  St Gregory

Ethan                                       Zada Okai

Stefani Arada                          Theo Sagoe


Year 2:

St Clare                                   St Martin

Holly Lule                                Helen Golus

Jefferson Yeboah                    Toviel Ntege


Year 3:

St John Bosco                          St Marie

Kacper Smyk                            Seona Nana Essaa

Sayulhet Patrick                      Jason Gnanathasan


Year 4:

St Francis                                 St Margret

Cameron Wynter                    Jessica Fernandes

Carmel Nwagwa                     Lamaat Mirza


Year 5:

St Christopher                         St Josephine

Philip Samborek                      Alexis Walsh

Tivona Ntege                           Cledwyn Hilasque


Year 6:

St Daniel                                  St Joan

Kimberly Balacanao                Tiegan O’ Shaughnessy

Mikel Okeke                            John Ashley Opoku