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Love in a Box

This part of the operation is, after more than a decade one of the best known of our activities. We begin collecting the boxes at the end of October every year. Schools, churches, other organisations and individuals collect and pack items into shoeboxes for us to send to under privileged children throughout Eastern Europe. We have sent on average 40,000 boxes each year and each one is individually received by a child.

Each box is sent to us with a ‘love in a box’ leaflet. This leaflet can either be downloaded and printed off from the website, or if required we will send you the amount of leaflets that you require. A donation of £4.00 per box is requested and this goes towards some of the transportation costs.
The leaflet is self explanatory. 

Please return donate your boxes BEFORE the 6th of November 2017


Please click on this link for an additional Leaflet with details    Video showing what the appeal is and the who the children are who will be receiving the boxes.